Help Improve Prior Authorizations

Prior authorizations are a significant administrative burden and the current process is cumbersome, inefficient, and costly, and ultimately delays radiology and interventional specialist patient care. Act now to help improve prior authorizations.

Urge your Representatives and Senators to support the “Improving Seniors” Timely Access to Care Act of 2024″ (S. 4518/H.R. 8702).

This bipartisan bill aims to:

1. Streamline electronic prior authorization processes within Medicare Advantage.

2. Mandate transparency and oversight of utilization management by health insurers.

Despite previous bipartisan support, the 2021 bill stalled due to concerns about increasing the federal deficit. The reintroduced 2024 bill addresses this by ensuring it won’t impact the deficit. Key provisions include:

  • Requiring reports on prior authorization use in Medicare Advantage.
  • Implementing real-time decision-making for routinely approved services.
  • Enforcing tighter timelines for prior authorization decisions.
  • Allowing Medicare Advantage plans to adopt gold-card policies.
  • Mandating standardized electronic prior authorization processes and increased transparency.

Help improve prior authorizations for your radiology and interventional patient care. Support for this reform is critical as more seniors choose Medicare Advantage.

Contact your lawmakers to advocate for this vital legislation today. Contact your Representative and Senators

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