Join StreamlineMD to Support PAD Awareness Month – September 2019

StreamlineMD is a leader in providing certified Electronic Health Records (EHR), coding and billing services for practices treating Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).

The Cardiovascular Coalition is leading the way to prevent PAD amputations

StreamlineMD supports the efforts of the Cardiovascular Coalition CVC which is comprised of national organizations representing physicians, care providers, advocates, and manufacturers who came together to advance community-based solutions designed to improve awareness and prevention of PAD, reduce geographic disparities in access to care, and secure patient access to high-quality, cost-effective interventional treatment across America, with 319 Cardiovascular Centers operating in 38 states.

According to the CVC, PAD is a chronic circulatory condition, which if left untreated can result in unnecessary limb amputations. PAD affects nearly 20 million Americans, and an estimated 200,000 of them – disproportionately from minorities communities – suffer avoidable amputations every year.  By increasing PAD awareness nationally, the CVC hopes to improve access to PAD screening and treatments, which is shown to improve quality of life, reduce care costs and prevent limb loss.  To learn more and get involved, please see


StreamlineMD’s software & services support PAD treatment centers  

StreamlineMD provides a robust collection of software and services for the imaging and image-guided procedure specialist market, which includes providers treating PAD.  Our cloud-based certified EHR and practice management software includes specific features to improve the accuracy and efficiency of cardiovascular centers, such as:

  • Standardized PAD consult, follow-up and procedure templates
  • EHR dictation Hot Keys to allow providers to quickly jump from one section to the next while dictating
  • Standardized arterial Ultrasound Reports
  • Standardized documentation of practice-specific quality measures for MIPS
  • Auto-create Diagnostic Ultrasound Report – Interface with Ultrasound machine allows Structured Reporting (SR) to transmit and automatically create report and store thumbnail views of the US images
  • Modality worklist options for OBL modality equipment
  • View images in EHR from your PACs solution
  • Complete extensive pre/intra/post-operative nursing documentation with ease
  • Patient tracking to keep the practice workflow consistent
  • Interface for patient vitals tracking
  • Auto-calculated Patient-Reported Outcome questionnaires for pre/post procedure outcomes reporting
  • Patient questionnaires via Portal or iPad to capture HPI, ROS, allergies, medications, & PFSH
  • Consent forms allow patient, nurse and provider to sign from iPad

Additional software & service to improve your revenue performance includes:

  • Certified Interventional Radiology & Cardiovascular Coders (CIRCC)
  • Time of service patient payment estimator – using AI with 99% accuracy!
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Prior authorization requests and management
  • Business Intelligence and MIPS performance reporting
  • And more!


Join the CVC and StreamlineMD to raise awareness and stomp out PAD today!


About StreamlineMD, LLC: StreamlineMD is a wholly owned subsidiary of PRC Medical, LLC. We are a technology-enabled business service company serving the healthcare industry. Specifically, we offer cloud-based clinical workflow and revenue cycle management technology and services tailored to meet the specific workflow and business needs of imaging and image-guided procedure specialists in 42 states, to improve their practice and business performance and help them prosper.


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