MACRA is a law passed in April 2015 to replace the previous SGR program which governed how CMS pays physicians for their services.  StreamlineMD is keeping close watch on the development of this law’s payment programs and will keep the links below updated with the latest information.

CMS Guide

SIR: Taking the lead on MACRA readiness

A new blog post: ‘Everything you need to know about MACRA implementation (but were afraid to ask),’ by Katharine Krol, MD, FSIR, discusses the basics of MACRA…

…which mandates that Medicare payments be based on quality. Dr. Krol notes that because the final rule will determine exactly how interventional radiologists will be paid and measured starting as soon as next year, SIR is already working on feedback to the proposed rule to ensure the rule treats interventional radiology fairly and correctly. CMS is accepting comments on the rule until June 27.  To follow the Society of Interventional Radiology and MACRA, please see:
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