New Category III code effective July 1, 2018…

0505T – Endovenous femoral-popliteal arterial revascularization, with transcatheter placement of intravascular stent graft(s) and closure by any method, including percutaneous or open vascular access, ultrasound guidance for vascular access when performed, all catheterization(s) and intraprocedural roadmapping and imaging guidance necessary to complete the intervention, all associated radiological supervision and interpretation, when performed, with crossing of the occlusive lesion in an extraluminal fashion

  • 0505T includes all ipsilateral selective arterial and venous catheterization, all diagnostic imaging for ipsilateral, lower extremity arteriography, and all related radiological supervision and interpretation
  • Do not report 0505T in conjunction with 37224, 37225, 37226, 37227, 37238, 37239, 37248, 37249 within the femoral-popliteal segment
  • Do not report 76937 in conjunction with 0505T for ultrasound guidance for vascular access

Additional information:

This code is a Category III code.


Purpose CPT® Category III codes are temporary codes that allow for data collection.  They are used for data collection to substantiate widespread usage or to provide documentation for the FDA approval process.


Reimbursement:  This code was not referred to the RUC for valuation because no RVUs have been assigned.  Payments will be based on specific policies of the payers.


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