Novitas Sclero and Non-Thermal Policy Change Delayed

Novitas Medicare delayed the Coding Article and LCD for Scleros and Endovenous Non-Thermal Treatment of Varicose Veins. It will not be implemented on 5/7/19 as previously announced. This affects CPT codes 36465 & -66 (Varithena), 36468 (Sclero), 36473 & -74, 36482 & -83 for Medicare Jurisdiction H & L.

We think this is great news as the Novitas policy change is terribly confusing and does not seem practical or fair.  Hopefully Novitas will carefully review these potential changes and ultimately cancel them altogether.


See originally planned policy change here:  L37796_20190503.pdf and A56268_20190503.pdf


Your friends at StreamlineMD will watch this matter closely and update you as necessary.



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