There is a great deal of consternation amongst physician practices as it relates to MIPS/MACRA. While it is certainly complex and confusing, understanding the requirements and participating wholeheartedly may prove to be a real opportunity to increase reimbursement in a material way.


Many practices will undoubtedly fail to put forth the effort or may simply not have the correct technological or billing resources in place to participate.  Their loss could be your gain because every dollar of penalty that is assessed to non-participating practices will be redistributed to those who participate successfully.  With penalties growing from 4% in 2017 to 9% in 2020, the difference in reimbursement for those who score at the top versus those who do not participate at all could be a whopping 18%!


StreamlineMD, in partnership with Mingle Analytics, has gone to great lengths to implement a very robust set of resources to ensure that our customers will be able to partake with a minimum of hassle.  Obviously, we can’t document your encounters for you, but we have taken steps to help you do so with relative ease.  Moreover, we will handle the data submission process.

It is not too late to avoid the penalties for 2017 (affecting reimbursement in 2019)

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