Radiologist Call To Action – Fight CMS’s Proposed 9% Cut to Radiology Payments

CMS is proposing to reduce reimbursement to radiology by 9% beginning 2020 to pay for E/M changes.

As you may already know, CMS is proposing to reduce reimbursement to radiology by 9% beginning 2020 to pay for EM changes.

While we have to work under a balanced budget, it can be argued that it is unfair for radiologists to essentially fund the E/M changes. In the big picture, the percentage of E/Ms billed by radiologists is extremely small.

Bill Thorwarth who is now CEO of the ACR has asked us to contact Congress to ask them not to penalize radiologists.  We ALL need to take action.

StreamlineMD made all of the calls.  It was easy.  On the third one, I actually got to speak to a human being who heard my concerns and even took notes.


Please give it a try for yourself!

Please see below for Dr. Thorthworth’s letter and additional  information and instructions.

Wendy Block, CPC, RCC, CIRCC

StreamlineMD, Senior Coding Advisor

Dear Ms. Block,

Changes to evaluation and management (E/M) payments in the CY2020 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MFPS) Proposed Rule would cut radiology reimbursement by 9 percent or $450 million a year, totaling $5.6 billion over 10 years. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is expected to finalize this rule in early November.

Contact your Member of Congress today to help stop this! 

CMS proposes to raise E/M payments starting in 2021. However, to pay for these increased payments, providers who rarely bill for E/M will see dramatic reductions in their Medicare reimbursement. All subspecialties of radiology will be negatively impacted by this proposed policy, including radiation oncologists. We must unite to effectively protest this over-reach by the federal government.

Congress must intervene and protect providers who do not bill for E/M services from bearing the significant cost of increasing these payments. Please call and tell your Congressman and Senators that CMS must not penalize physicians and other providers who do not bill for E/M services. CMS must NOT go forward and implement their proposed changes to E/M services.

Call your Member of Congress TODAY!

Please Click Here:

Thank you,

William T. Thorwarth, MD, FACR

CEO, American College of Radiology

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