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StreamlineMD provides Radiology Coding & Billing Services to help our clients improve productivity and performance, and achieve prosperity.

Radiology Coding & Billing Services

  • Experienced – Radiology coding and billing services since 1976
  • Smart – Certified coders and professional billers with expertise in Radiology.
  • Incentivized – We treat you like a customer rather than like an employer.

State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Cloud-Based – Access software anytime, anywhere via secure HIPAA-Compliant broad band Internet connection.

Teleradiology Experience

StreamlineMD was one of the first billing companies to provide complete billing services for Teleradiology companies that were taking insurance payment risk…

StreamlineMD cut its teeth over a decade ago on full-service Teleradiology billing services for national Teleradiology companies.  The biggest difference and challenge of Teleradiology billing is Provider Enrollment.  In order to ensure compliant insurance claims submission, it is crucial to ensure that the Teleradiology company and every radiologist is properly enrolled with the Medicare and Medicaid carriers in the states where the radiologist is sitting while reading films.  The Teleradiology company must also be enrolled in the states where their hospital clients are and where the patient was seen.  StreamlineMD has perfected this process and service for its Teleradiology clients to ensure efficient and timely billing and cash flow.