Our Clients Say it Best…

The Best Radiology Billing Company

“Choosing the right billing company is really one of those things that can make or break a professional radiology services company…

We were lucky enough to partner with StreamlineMD; I really think they are the best billing company in the space.  StreamlineMD is a true partner and is committed to excelling in their field.  They have talented, devoted, knowledgeable staff who are a pleasure to work with. Our company presents a number of challenges due to the nationwide coverage and large number of client sites covered.  StreamlineMD works with us and our client sites to assure smooth client implementations for billing processes.  Their IT team works with our clients to establish interfaces for billing feeds, their coding experts provide guidance and training to assure proper documentations, their credentialing staff processes applications for all payer credentialing including Medicare and Medicaid and their systems are flexible to allow for a large variety of reports and customized reporting.  They are flexible and creative in approaching challenging situations.  The bottom line is that partnering with StreamlineMD assures that I have a solid business partner who is working with me to assure that I am collecting the most I am able to for the services our radiologists have provided.”

Jessica Deluke, Chief Financial Officer
Aris Radiology