How Do StreamlineMD Clients Benefit?

As our mission indicates, we strive to help our clients prosper. Our specialized service and technology is designed to streamline your practice to achieve the following:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Decrease Costs
  • Increase Profits
  • Stay Compliant
  • Peer Comparison
  • Peace of Mind

Please continue below to see how StreamlineMD can help your practice prosper.

Venous Outcomes Registry Participation

As outcomes become increasingly important when it comes to inclusion in or exclusion from payer networks and reimbursement, StreamlineMD is investing in interfaces with clinical registries so that our clients’ participation in registries is
a byproduct of their clinical documentation and does not require additional labor…

Performance Benchmarking & Peer Comparison

Because we have a treasure trove of data on the performance of Outpatient Endovascular & Interventional Centers, we are able to provide you with relative performance metrics so you can see how your performance compares to your peers…

One Stop Shop

StreamlineMD provides a complete end-to-end collection of service and technology to handle your clinical workflow and revenue management needs…

Eliminate Transcription Expenses

StreamlineMD EHR clients benefit by using our efficient electronic documentation functionality to create customized and detailed final reports with speed and accuracy, allowing them to eliminate inefficient and costly transcription services…

Better Coding

StreamlineMD is staffed by a team of certified professional medical coders with expertise in E&M, Procedure and Diagnosis coding to ensure that our clients optimize their coding accuracy…

Improved Documentation

StreamlineMD works closely with its physician clients to ensure their documentation meets current Procedure, E&M, and Diagnosis coding standards as well as payer criteria…