Our Clients Say it Best…

StreamlineMD’s EHR OBL Templates are Useful and Billing Team is Awesome

“We are slowly getting used to the EHR and getting comfortable. It is turning out to be better than what I felt during the first couple of weeks…”

“I am glad that I am able to use all your proprietary EHR templates without adding any extra items; in fact they have so much redundant items that I am slowly trimming them down with the help of Dawn, Kristin and Lori. I am surprised that we are able to do this without much input from my side. My input has been predominantly trimming your existing templates. With the help of everybody, we are going to continue to trim them down to the point of our employees’ comfort without affecting patient care. I believe that your billing team is also awesome. As soon as the lock box information gets updated, we will be able to enjoy the benefits. 

Keep up the good work!”


Udaya Chintalapudi, MD
Dr. C’s Atlanta Vascular Center, LLC