2023 Interventional Cardiology CPT Code Changes

The following information details Interventional Cardiology CPT changes for 2023 which may impact your practice. There are nine new Category I codes and three new Category III codes, two of which are add-on codes to the main procedure. Be sure to review below, update or create new report templates, and share with your practice management team(s) in preparation for January 1st in order to avoid billing and reimbursement delays.

2019 Radiology and IR CPT Code Changes May Impact Your Radiology Practice Performance

There are new, revised, and deleted codes for 2019. The most influential code sets that could affect your practice are the PICC line placements (36568-36573) and the new FNA biopsy codes (10004-10021). The wRVUs may be lower, but that should not influence your documentation of guidance used with these procedures.


Codes changed along with a reduction in reimbursement. CPT 10022 (RVU 1.88) Fine needle aspiration with imaging guidance was deleted in 2019 but it was replaced with new codes that specified the type of guidance (e.g., ultrasound, fluoro, CT, MR) used. Also, new add-on codes were added for when more than one distinct lesion was treated.

2019 New Year Practice Billing Checklist

Commensurate with the new year, it is considered best practice to review your practice's goals, policies and procedures and communicate them to your staff. Below is a short checklist of 10 key items that every practice should review annually to ensure their practice and billing performance for the new year kicks off on the right foot...

Documenting Vascular Interventional Radiology Procedures

When documenting your vascular interventional radiology procedures, it is important to remember your audience extends far beyond the referring physician. On a regular basis, your report is scrutinized by a multitude of non clinical staff such as coders, auditors, billers, payers, and medical reviewers to name just a few...