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EHR/RCM Solution Specifically for OBL/ASCs

We’ve designed our software platform around the unique needs of Outpatient Endovascular & Interventional OBL/ASCs. To survive in today’s highly regulated and competitive healthcare environment, successful OBL and ASCs are fast-moving, highly skilled business organizations focused not only on patient care, but also on the bottom line. To eliminate duplication of effort and maximize practice efficiency, StreamlineMD’s clinical (EHR) and practice management / billing (PM) workflow is highly automated and tightly integrated. 

Large OBL & ASC Client Base

Basic Medical Office IT Network:

The endovascular OBL/ASC industry is evolving rapidly. StreamlineMD’s vast national client base allows us to adapt quickly to the changing needs of technology, techniques, devices, and care, ensuring that our products and services keep pace.  Because of the national presence with leading groups, we are getting constant “best practice” workflow ideas that we can quickly incorporate for the benefit of all our clients because our EHR is proprietary.

StreamlineMD’s Standardized OBL/ASC Procedure Content – we have over 500 OBL cases already documented in a standardized format that supports optimal coding.


The StreamlineMD procedure drawing tool allows physicians, surgery techs, or scribes within the surgery suite to record all details for areas being treated along with devices used and measurements taken. Once selections are made, StreamlineMD creates a drawing for the procedure along with a summary within the procedure note and verbiage of the note. The StreamlineMD Procedure Drawing Tool saves time and increases OBL and ASC efficiency. 


Prior Auth Tracker – StreamlineMD recognizes the critical nature of timely and complete pre-authorization and how challenging it can be for practices to keep track of their requests.  We’ve included a Prior Authorization Tracker function within our application to keep your authorization requests organized and updated and integrated with the claims creation process to prevent unnecessary claims denials.


Patient Tracking – Providers and Staff have a high-level view to identify where patients are, how long they have been there, and where bottlenecks may be in the OBL/ASC workflow.


Integrated PACS/DICOM SR – saves the practice staff valuable time by having single sign-on and automated data transport from diagnostic Ultrasound modality into EHR without duplication of entry, and for automated physician diagnostic Ultrasound report creation supported by anatomical drawings. 


Nurse Notes – Provides templated and required documentation.  Allows for efficiency and ease of use with documentation organized based on the workflow of an endovascular OBL/ASC.


Vitals Interface – Ensures that vitals are captured and logged every 5 minutes (or interval of your choice), proper documentation of administered medications, and well-organized time logs to present for accreditation and ease of viewing.


Integrated EPCS – Electronic prescribing of controlled substances is increasingly required by states across the US.  StreamlineMD is partnered with Identrust and certified by Surescripts for this service.


StreamlineMD Integrated Inventory Management allows providers to automatically include in procedure note the devices and supplies used and simultaneously update the practice inventory, along with automatic re-orders based on preset criteria.


Integrated Patient Payment Estimator – Patient payments are an increasing part of provider revenue.  Collecting at the time of service is now mandatory for practice cash flow stability and optimization.  StreamlineMD provides AI-enabled patient payment estimates with 99% accuracy at the time of service.


Integrated EDI Clearinghouse – Manage the claims clearinghouse process from within StreamlineMD without having to log into third-party clearinghouse applications.


Mobile Apps – Mobile scheduling, charge capture, and mini-chart access allow providers to be productive while on the go.


Certified CIRCC Coding and Billing Team – OBL cases are incredibly complex and challenging to code. Many cases contain upwards of 10 CPT codes.  StreamlineMD is staffed with a team of CIRCC certified coders to ensure accurate and timely billing of high-value claims.


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