Act Now to Stop Cuts to Radiology & Interventional Specialists

Your Pay Cuts are Unsustainable

Your pay cuts are unsustainable. Radiology and Interventional Specialists have suffered tremendous pay reductions annually for the past several years.  It’s really hard to believe that CMS and Congress have treated these specialists, who are so critical to the future of healthcare, so recklessly, especially considering recent aggressive inflation.  We must work together to take action now to stop this nonsense.

An Organized Voice for Physician Specialists

Clients frequently ask us when something will be done to fix this problem, and who will do it.  A major challenge physicians have in general is that they don’t have an effective platform and lobby community to stand up to insurance companies, hospitals, and our Congressional representatives.

The United Specialists for Patient Access (USPA) is the best solution we have today for ensuring your voices are heard.  Please see this USPA Call to Action 2024 letter explaining the problem and solution.

See this USPA Explainer Video for great summary of the issues and solutions.

Critical Bills in Congress

As mentioned in their letter, the USPA is pushing for the passage of 2 bills that can help solve our problems.

  • HR2474 – Install a permanent inflation update to MPFS conversion factor.
  • HR 3674 – Suspend RVU cuts to Radiology, Interventional, and other specialists.

Contact Your Representative Now:

Click this link to find your Congressional representative.

Click this link to contact your Congressional representative to make sure your voice is heard.


To learn more about the USPA, please see: USPA Website


Source: United Specialists for Patient Access 


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