Bud Dey Joins StreamlineMD to Lead Radiology RCM Business Development

StreamlineMD, a national leader in Radiology & Interventional Radiology (IR) revenue cycle management (RCM) software and services, is pleased to announce that Albert “Bud” Dey joined the company as National Director of Radiology RCM Business Development.

Dey brings over 35 years of Radiology multi-sector experience in business development to StreamlineMD. His career includes leadership in large private and academic Radiology groups, consolidated groups, teleradiology, national industry vendors and private equity companies.

The Radiology practice industry is in flux as it confronts declining reimbursements and consolidation pressure. Radiology and IR coding and billing standards are increasingly complex and require much greater attention to detail than ever before.  Radiology practices are adapting to these marketing conditions in a variety of ways.  While some independent practices believe selling to a consolidator is the best approach for them, more modern and entrepreneurial groups are going on the offensive with innovative market approaches such as creating independent alliances with other practices and/or launching office-based IR strategies.  These office-based strategies include IR Clinics, Vein Clinics, and more advanced Office-Based Labs (OBLs). These strategies allow Radiology practices to capture their IR procedure consults more effectively and also collect the full global fee amount on IR cases.  Both of which provide a better return on investment from their IR providers and increase overall practice performance.

StreamlineMD is a boutique Radiology and IR RCM software and service company with a very novel approach to the market. First, StreamlineMD has built a core cultural foundation based on its balanced mix of Stability, Adaptability and Client Intimacy. Next, unlike the largest RCM companies in the industry, StreamlineMD remains disciplined by keeping a strict focus on the unique needs of Radiology and IR specialists.  Finally, StreamlineMD not only maintains a very high level of certified coding and billing expertise, but also has its own proprietary cloud-based RCM software application including certified Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management (PM), Scheduling, and Inventory Management specifically tuned to the workflow needs of office-based IR strategies.  This special combination of attributes provides a very timely competitive advantage for Streamline to meet the needs of the growing number of Radiology practices with such strategies.  As a result, StreamlineMD calls some of the largest and most dynamic Radiology & IR practices and organizations in the country as clients.

StreamlineMD CEO, Harry Curley, adds, “StreamlineMD is excited to add a senior business development executive such as Bud Dey to its growing roster of industry talent.  Bud brings a robust network of long-term trusted relationships to introduce to, and benefit from, StreamlineMD’s unique software and service offering.”

Throughout his career, Dey has consistently held leadership and business development roles at each company and is looked to as a reputable healthcare industry consultant. Dey’s goal with each company is to bring maturity based on industry experience and years of business development to enhance the team. He holds an MBA from American University and a master’s degree from Vanderbilt University and is a certified medical practice executive through the Medical Group Management Association. Dey and his wife reside on Cape Cod.

“I joined Streamline because I believe in their commitment to Radiology and IR RCM service and technology in the interest of ensuring that these imaging and image-guided procedure specialties, which are so critical to the future of healthcare in America, thrive.  I immediately recognized the value of the focus that StreamlineMD maintains on not just Radiology, but also the IR and OBL marketplace, with a company service and technology mantra of Stability, Adaptability and Client Intimacy.”

About StreamlineMD

StreamlineMD is a technology-enabled business service company providing cloud-based clinical workflow and revenue cycle management software and services exclusively for imaging and image-guided procedure specialists. StreamlineMD’s specialized combination of revenue cycle management software and services provide hospital-based and office-based imaging and image-guided procedure specialists with the most complete solution to improve their practice and business performance and to help improve healthcare for all Americans. https://streamlinemd.com/.


Christin O’Farrell

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