Notice: Watch for AMA and SIR Reimbursement Surveys

AMA Physician Practice Expense Survey & SIR RUC Survey

Make a Difference in Your Future

Two meaningful surveys are beginning to circulate on two financial meaningful matters to physician practices. Be sure to inform your leadership & support teams to be watching emails and USPS. Complete by any deadline submission dates listed in the survey.


AMA Survey

The AMA is surveying approximately 10,000 physicians regarding practice expenses. The survey contractor, Mathematica, will be sending out invitations via email and USPS priority mail packet in the coming weeks with a link to the survey.

Note: This will most likely come to the physician and/or the individual in your organization responsible for credentialing.

The subject line for the PPI Survey invitation email will read: “American Medical Association requests your input on physician practice expense and patient care hours.”

  • Invitations and reminders about the PPI Survey, sent to financial experts within practices, will come from:
  • Invitations and reminders about the PPI Survey, sent to providers, will come from:
  • The AMA will be sending surveys this week that will include nearly 300 randomly selected radiology groups and/or radiologists throughout the country.

The email request from the AMA will state something similar below:

The American Medical Association (AMA) Physician Practice Information (PPI) Survey is underway, and we urgently need all selected physicians to actively engage in this effort.

The intent of the survey, which has been endorsed by over 170 medical societies and other health care associations, is to collect updated and accurate data on practice costs which are a key element of physician payment. This data has not been updated since last collected over 15 years ago and it is critically important to update to capture accurate payment.


SIR Survey

Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation Thyroid

The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) will circulate an AMA/Relative Value Scale Update Committee (AMA/RUC) survey for “Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation of the Thyroid“. The data acquired through the survey process will be aggregated and analyzed to build value-based recommendations that will be presented at the January 2024 RUC Meeting.

The survey will be sent to a randomly selected SIR members. It will ask respondents to apply their clinical knowledge and expertise to address time and value questions related to these services. The recommendations approved at the January RUC meeting will be relayed to CMS for final appraisal and execution in the 2025 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.

If you receive the survey, please complete it as soon as possible. 

SIR values your active participation in these efforts. Questions may be addressed by email to SIR RUC staff member Ashley Maleki @ Thank you for your time and effort.


Fight declining reimbursements

  • Speak with your practice management colleagues and share this Survey information.
  • Collaborate and complete the survey(s) as accurately as possible.
  • If selected, it is imperative to participate to make a difference in your financial future.


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