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StreamlineMD Prior Auth Management Tool!

Endovascular OBLs easily lose tens of thousands of dollars annually by mismanaging the Prior Authorization process. Stop losing money to unnecessary Prior Auth denials with this new Prior Authorization Management tool...

Prevent OBL Prior Auth Denials Now!

Prior Authorization denials can be a problem for OBLs trying to treat patients needing complex arterial treatment. These insidious denials can erode practice revenue and performance if not taken seriously. The matter may become even more critical as CMS contemplates adding prior authorization requirements in the future.

2019 Radiology and IR CPT Code Changes May Impact Your Radiology Practice Performance

There are new, revised, and deleted codes for 2019. The most influential code sets that could affect your practice are the PICC line placements (36568-36573) and the new FNA biopsy codes (10004-10021). The wRVUs may be lower, but that should not influence your documentation of guidance used with these procedures.
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