Update Your Computer Device Operating System

Keeping your computer operating system updated is critically important for your digital safety, cyber security, and overall Electronic Health Record (EHR) software performance experience.

For users of Apple “mobile” devices, such as the iPad and iPhone, the Apple operating system is known as iOS. This article specifically discusses the importance of checking and updating the iOS version number on your business or personal mobile Apple iOS device.  The current version, as of this date December 12, 2021, is iOS 15. Check the operating system version on your Apple mobile device by accessing:

Settings > General > About > Software Version

Your device model name is also available in this area and can be matched to the compatible device list at the bottom of this post.

Apple has recently updated its iOS operating system to version 15.  With iOS 15, many applications are not “backwards compatible”, which means such applications will not work on previous iOS versions.  To run 15.x compatible applications, your Apple device must be able to run iOS 15.  The list of compatible Apple mobile devices that can run iOS 15 is below:

Please take this time to review your Apple mobile device iOS version and update it as necessary.

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