Prevent Interventional Pain Denials and Improve Payments

StreamlineMD is here to provide interventional pain management documentation tips to prevent denials and improve payments.  With continuous declines in physician payments, every detail counts. Update your report templates/macros. Ensure that your documentation is clear and concise, and consistent with CPT 2024 code language. Why Insurance Carriers Deny Claims: Insurance carriers’ business model is to […]

Vertebral Fractures – Proper Documentation & Coding

The various image-guided percutaneous procedures used to treat Vertebral Fractures include terms such as Vertebroplasty, Kyphoplasty,  Sacroplasty and Augmentation.  The nuances of these procedures often cause confusion. This article discusses these procedures, their documentation, and CMS policy to obtain more clarity.

StreamlineMD Releases New Client Portal

We are excited to announce that StreamlineMD will be rolling out new features, allowing you to access security request forms & training videos online through our new StreamlineMD Client Portal. 

Prepare for MIPS/MACRA 2023

It’s that time again to make sure your practice is on track for reporting MACRA/MIPS for 2023.  Below are some resources to assist you in understanding the MIPS/MACRA requirements for 2023.

2023 Interventional Cardiology CPT Code Changes

The following information details Interventional Cardiology CPT changes for 2023 which may impact your practice. There are nine new Category I codes and three new Category III codes, two of which are add-on codes to the main procedure. Be sure to review below, update or create new report templates, and share with your practice management team(s) in preparation for January 1st in order to avoid billing and reimbursement delays.

EHR Application Speed and Performance

Many practice owners try to cut corners to save money by buying “consumer” grade equipment and getting IT advice from relatives and friends.  Do yourself a favor and invest in your medical office IT network by working with IT professionals and installing business-grade computer equipment. 

Update Your 2022 MIPS Quality Measures Today

If you haven’t already, you should analyze your 2021 MIPS participation and performance and notify your StreamlineMD representative on the Quality Measures you will be using for 2022.

Safeguard Your EHR Against a RAC Review

When the RAC team evaluates your data, they use a checklist based on the Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) issued by the Medicare Administrators. Documentation and compliance with your LCD are key for reimbursement.  Inadequate notes will fail review if the documentation does not adhere to the pre-determined requirements set forth by your LCD.