Prepare for MIPS/MACRA 2023

It’s that time again to make sure your practice is on track for reporting MACRA/MIPS for 2023.  Below are some resources to assist you in understanding the MIPS/MACRA requirements for 2023.

Does your practice have to participate in 2023?

Are you signed up with Mingle Health for 2023?

  • StreamlineMD is partnered with Mingle Health to provide MIPS/MACRA registry services for our clients.
  • Sign up for 2023 with Mingle Health, if you haven’t already.  Mingle is your expert resource for the MIPS/MACRA program.  Mingle will be reporting on your behalf.
  • Website:
  • Make sure to remind Mingle that you are a StreamlineMD client.
  • StreamlineMD will send your Quality measures data directly to Mingle for you.  Mingle will review and guide you accordingly.
  • MIPS Experience:

What do I need to document in StreamlineMD?

1. Quality Measures Should be Documented in StreamlineMD:

*** IMPORTANT*** THE BELOW MEASURES ARE NO LONGER VALID FOR 2023.  Please let us know which measures you would like to replace these with.  This is very important as you do need to report.

    • Measure # 76 – Prevention of CVC Related Bloodstream Infect
    • Measure # 110 – Influenza Immunization
    • Measure # 111 – Pneumococcal Vaccination
    • Measure # 258 – Open Repair Non-Rupture AAA
    • Measure # 265 – Biopsy Follow-Up

2. Promoting Interoperability Should be Documented in StreamlineMD:

After meeting with Mingle, please communicate to StreamlineMD which Quality measures you will be reporting in 2023.  Please note, StreamlineMD will not make any changes to your documentation without notification direct from you.


For StreamlineMD MIPS related questions, please contact:

Kristi Adkins

StreamlineMD EHR Specialist

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